For many, the value of intangible assets is greater than that of tangible assets. The role of strengthening patent, trademark and copyright protection has become increasingly important and complex. For that reason, specialized intellectual property counseling is needed at each step of the development and implementation of an intellectual work.

While meeting the needs of our clients, we offer substantial experience in dealing with complex issues. By combining our legal skills and expertise in the field, we pursue our clients' goals in the most efficient manner possible. We help our clients structure, complete, and protect their intellectual assets. Since our clients' success and satisfaction are our principal goals, we direct our competitive energies and ambitions to our clients' needs.

Real and actual field experience in legal and business activities enable our staff to provide sound and up-to-date assistance for our client's needs on all aspects of intellectual property. Our staff applies the years of experience they have gained at law and intellectual property firms in all stages of intellectual property including protection, use, and enforcement.

Our client portfolio ranges from individual inventors and small businesses to large multinationals from diverse sectors of business and technology. Domestic and foreign clients retain our firm to represent their interests. Whether a small start-up company or large international corporation, we shape our services to fit the particular needs of each client.

Our firm incorporates an intellectual property firm and law office, providing adroit assistance for our client's needs in managing their intellectual property portfolios from the very first step to the marketplace and beyond.

Our close and strong relationships with leading IP firms throughout the world assist us in implementing and protecting our local clients' intellectual property rights abroad and in assisting international clients that need protection in Turkey.