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We assist our clients with infringement opinions, agreements for sale, assignment or licensing of copyright material.

Copyright is a form of property and is a set of exclusive rights granted to creators for their literary and artistic works. To protect a work with a copyright, the work has to be original and expressed in a tangible form. Originality in copyright refers to an independent effort in creating the work. A copyright owner has exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, create derivatives, and perform or display his/her work. Copyrightable works are automatically protected in Turkey as soon as they are created in accordance with the Law No: 5846 on Intellectual and Artistic Works. In other words, there is no such instrument as a Copyright Registration Certificate in Turkey.

We provide advice on a wide range of matters including software, digital media, databases, web sites, music, books, images, photographs, advertisements, architectural works, and other copyrightable materials. We handle matters involving copyright protection and enforcement of copyright, and we assist our clients with infringement opinions, agreements for sale, assignment, and licensing of copyright material.

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