• Providing watch service
  • Advising on validity and infringement opinions
  • Filing applications in Turkey and internationally
  • Conducting opposition proceedings
  • Filing renewals
  • Drafting license agreements and registering licenses
  • Drafting assignments and carrying out assignment proceedings
  • Drafting trademark-related business agreements
Our specialist staff are qualified to provide advice on the protection of industrial designs whether registered or unregistered.

Design means the various features of a product such as lines, texture, shape, ornamentation, or other characteristics. A design right is granted if and when a design is novel and has an individual character. A design is deemed not new if it was previously registered or was published anywhere in the world or differs only in immaterial details. Several designs may be applied for in one application provided that, except in cases of ornamentation, the products in which the designs are intended to be incorporated or to which they are intended to be applied belong to the same sub-class or to the same set or composition of items.

Registration of a design enables the design owner to prevent others from exploiting the design or an obvious or similar imitation of the design for which registration was obtained. Moreover, the owner of a registered design can exploit its design by licensing it to third parties for commercial gain or by selling it.

We are qualified to provide advice on the protection of industrial designs, whether registered or unregistered.

Working closely with our associates abroad, we provide trademark services wherever our clients need protection.

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