• Advising on validity and infringement opinions
  • Filing applications in Turkey and internationally
  • Conducting opposition proceedings
  • Paying maintenance fees
  • Translating patent specifications
  • Drafting license agreements
  • Drafting assignment agreements
  • Drafting patent-related business agreements
Providing effective patent protection requires understanding the business objectives.

A patent is an exclusive right to an invention granted to the creator of the invention for a certain period. The requirements for a patent are novelty, inventiveness, and applicability. A patentable invention can be a product or a process that technically solves a problem. It can be a new method, the composition of a new product, or a technical improvement. On the other hand, treatment methods, software, discoveries, scientific theories, and mathematical methods are not patentable.

A registered patent gives the patent owner the right to prevent others from making, using, offering to sell, selling, exporting, or importing the claimed invention without authorization of the patent owner.

While obtaining patent protection is an important stage of a business strategy, it should also be effectively used and defended against the patents of others in litigation and in negotiations. Providing effective patent protection requires understanding business objectives. We have the experience to provide such advice to our clients.

Working closely with our associates abroad, we provide trademark services wherever our clients need protection.

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